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Installing Plugin

Step 1: Make sure Adobe CC is already installed on your workstation.

Step 2: Download Yadle-Adobe-Extension.pkg using link provided to you by Yadle.

Step 3: Double Click Yadle-Adobe-Extension.pkg to launch installer.

Step 4: The Yadle-Adobe-Extension installer will open. Click on Continue.

Step 5: Select the disk where you want to install the Yadle-Adobe-Extension.

Step 6: Click Install to begin installation of Yadle-Adobe-Extension.

Step 7: After Installation has successfully completed, Click Close.

Step 8: Open any of the supported Adobe CC applications (here we are using Adobe Photoshop). Select Window > Extensions > Yadle Search.

Step 9: The Yadle icon will be displayed on toolbar and you will be prompted to sign in. Sign in using your registered Yadle email and password. Click Login.