Release Notes » Yadle 21.12 (Hopper) Release

Release Date: December 31st, 2021

The Yadle Hopper release is focused on performance and ease-of-use.

  • Search Filters in Web and Desktop App
  • Increased File Scanning Throughput
  • Microservices Performance Boost
  • Metadata Normalization


  • Naming convention changed from “index” to “scan”. For example, Indexing Paths are now referred to as Scan Paths.
  • Filter results by specific cloud platform source using property search terms (eg. !googledrive !onedrive !box !dropbox).
  • Search filters added to the web and desktop app.
  • Customize which cloud services can be made available to users.
  • Individual file actions (eg. “Get”, “Send Email”, “Open”, “Browse”) can be disabled for an entire organization.
  • Bulk drag & drop support.
  • Filetype icons added for .mocha & .csv files.
  • Implemented waiting page prior to allowing user login if backend servers are still starting up.
  • Confirmation message when a user leaves a File Channel.
  • User email address is displayed on Users page even if they have not yet activated their account.
  • User is prompted with an error message if attempting to search without selecting at least one File Channel.
  • Standard desktop app for all organizations. Users now enter the webapp url (which is saved) along with email and password.
  • Scanning Activity Insight shows device and nickname (if any).
  • Normalized metadata for images & video file types.
  • Click outside search filters to close.
  • Search property !icon added to find files with a filetype icon.
  • Search property !thumbnail added to find files with a small thumbnail.
  • Search property !thumbnail_medium added to find files with a medium thumbnail.
  • Support for scanning Qumulo clusters with specific agent that uses Qumulo API.
  • Set number of parallel agent processes for scans using YADLE_SCANNERS environment variable.
  • Cloud services page now available to non-admin users allowing regular users to ability to set up scans and FCs for their own cloud services.
  • Implemented utility for doing rule based tagging.


  • Document thumbnails are no longer clipped off at the bottom.
  • Thumbnails displayed in carousel mode are no longer stretched.
  • Displaying thumbnails when performing searches is turned on by default.
  • Linux AppImage Desktop App correctly passes path value when using native file explorer to add paths to a File channel.
  • File Channel paths that were displaying twice now only appear once.
  • File DNA does not disappear when clicking on referenced duplicates on the File Information page.
  • Removed empty option from “Results Display” dropdown menu.
  • OneDrive logo loads successfully for cloud files.
  • Missing duplicates icon from quick look items.
  • Correct path is copied when clicking on clipboard icon for cloud files.
  • Agent installer creates required local _users and _replicator databases.
  • Selecting ‘force’ for cloud scans correctly updates device document in database.
  • Shifted position of Yadle search bar to utilize more space for results.
  • Users added to a ‘Group’ File Channel will automatically be following that File Channel.
  • When using the desktop app, files can be opened even if the scan path that scanned them is disabled. This does require valid network path mapping to be configured.
  • Admin designated users are able to view and access the Admin section of the menu.
  • Associated File Channel name now displays for every file in search results.
  • Remove additional trailing “/“ from servers data root path.
  • Files with high number of duplicates no longer block API server.
  • Missing File Channel name when adding more than one path.
  • Default installation location on macOS changed to /Applications/yadle so that microservice log files are viewable on macOS host.
  • Skip checking of data paths when updating microservices on macOS.
  • Resolved database document conflicts (401 errors) on logout.
  • Support for thumbnailing ‘deep’ OpenEXR scalene images.
  • Scrubbable thumbnails for EXR sequences containing alpha channel correctly generated.
  • Normalized metadata fields with null values handled properly.
  • Agent microservices will properly handle files with duplicates and where one or more of the duplicates have been deleted.
  • Turned off browser autocomplete in search box.
  • Yadle plugin now supports Nuke v13.
  • Images correctly display in new user activation email.