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Installing Plugin

Step 1: Download nuke.tar.gz using link provided to you by Yadle.

Step 2: Extract nuke.tar.gz using tar in Terminal.

$ tar -zxf nuke.tar.gz

Step 3: Move extracted yadle folder to any centralized location on your organizations network that users can access.

$ mv ./yadle <central_network_location>

User Setup

Step 1: Look for ~/.nuke/ You can run the following command to check if this file exists.

$ ls ~/.nuke | grep
  • a. If this file already exists , open with an editor such as vi, and append the following to the bottom of the file. Use full path of yadle folder inside quotes “”.

  • b. If this file does not exist, create it and open with vi editor.

    $ vi ~/.nuke/
    • i. Add the following lines to the newly created file. Use full path of yadle folder inside quotes “”.

    • import nuke

Step 2: Open Nuke. Right click anywhere on toolbar pane, and select Windows > Custom > Yadle to launch Yadle Nuke plug-in.

Step 3: Enter your Yadle username and password. Click Login.