Setting Up Yadle: Indexing: View Indexing Activity:

There are a couple different ways to monitor the status of indexing.

1) View File and Data Counts

The quickest way to determine status is by looking at the FILES INDEXED in the upper left of the Yadle app. These values will update automatically with the total amount of files and data that have been scanned by the Yadle agent.

2) Indexing Activity Insight

For a more detailed status report of Indexing Paths, add the Yadle Indexing Activity Insight to your account. This Insight provides valuable information for determining the status of each indexing process.

Step 1: Click on Insight Marketplace on the left menu.

Step 2: Select Yadle Indexing Activity and click Save.

Step 3: There will now be a link for Yadle Indexing Activity under the Insights section of the left main menu. Click on it to view.

Step 4: Click Refresh in the upper right corner to see real-time changes to the reported fields.

Reading the Indexing Activity Report

Refer to the following table to understand each of the reported fields:

Name Description

running: Indexing process is currently scanning all files under the configured path.

completed: Indexing process is completed and waiting to start another scan.

forced: Indexing process is currently running in forced mode which re-analyzes every file.

unreachable path: Indexing process is unable to read or access the configured path.

Start Date Date the current indexing scan started.
Start Time Time the current indexing scan started.
Run Time The duration of an indexing scan that is currently running or has completed.
Device Hostname of system running Yadle agent.
Indexer Name The name associated with created Indexing Path.
Path For running indexers, this will refresh to the last file scanned by the agent. When the status is completed, the Path will display the top level path configured during indexer creation.
Scanned Dirs Number of directories the agent has scanned on the current run.
Scanned Files Number of files the agent has scanned on the current run.
New Files Number of new and/or changed files discovered by the agent on the current run.
New Data (Bytes) Corresponding amount of data of New Files.
Files/Sec Average number of Files scanned per second for the current run.
Analyzed Data/Second (MB) Average amount of Data analyzed per second for the current run.
Analyzed Data (MB) Total amount of Data analyzed for the current run.

  • During the initial run, the Scanned Files and New Files will be the same. For subsequent scans, the New Files will report 0 if there have been no additions or changes to any files under the indexing path.
  • For Indexing Paths that are left enabled, they will transition from the running state to completed state. A scan will automatically start again after a couple of minutes.
  • If an Indexing Path is disabled, it will complete it’s current run and then remain in the completed state.
  • Even though indexing may be completed for a given path, the agent side microservices most likely need time to complete.