Setting Up Yadle: Indexing: Indexing Cloud Storage: Dropbox

Yadle integrates with popular cloud storage providers allowing users to index their files stored in the cloud. Files kept on cloud storage are discovered by the Yadle agent and become searchable along with other locally kept files. Yadle is designed to provide a federated search of all of your files. Instead of digging through each potential location for a file, use Yadle to quickly identify where it lives and retrieve the source.

Follow the steps outlined here to link Dropbox cloud storage to Yadle for indexing.

1. Login to the Yadle web app using your own user credentials. If you do not yet have a user account, contact your Yadle administrator and request an invite.
2. Once logged in, click on Cloud Services on the left main menu. Any previously configured cloud storage devices will appear on this page. If this is the first time visiting this page, proceed to the next step to add a cloud storage device.
3. Add Cloud Storage device. In the upper right corner of the page, click on Add Cloud Storage. A dropdown menu will appear. Select the cloud storage provider containing files you want to index with Yadle. Click on Add Dropbox for personal Dropbox accounts or Add Dropbox Business for business Dropbox accounts.

4. A new browser window will open asking you to provide your Dropbox credentials in order to link with Yadle. Enter your Dropbox email and password and click on Sign in.

5. You will then be asked to trust the developer. Click on Continue.

6. Finally, click on Allow to give Yadle access to files and folders in your Dropbox.

7. Your Dropbox account is now linked to Yadle. In order to begin scanning files in your Dropbox, you will need to set the scope for Yadle to know which folders you want to scan. Click on Manage next to your newly configured Dropbox cloud storage.

8. Next, click on the Settings tab. Here we are adding a Dropbox folder named “FolderABC”. Type any identifying name in the Name field, and in our case we’ll type type /FolderABC in the Path field. Then click on Add Path.

  • It is easy to include your entire Dropbox in the Yadle scope for indexing. To do this, simply use “/” as the Path value. Otherwise, to limit the scope of what Yadle will index, set up multiple indexing paths with explicit paths of Dropbox folders to include.

9. The last step in order to be able to perform searches against the Dropbox files that have been indexed is to create a File Channel. Follow the guide here to create a File Channel. It is important that you select the correct device from the dropdown when creating a File Channel.