Release Notes » Yadle 22.04 (Lumiére) Release

Release Date: April 29th, 2022


  • Persistent Search Filters. Any search filters set by a user will remain across different web browser sessions and desktop app until reset.
  • Default filetype icon added for files without an extension.
  • Filetype icons added for .au, .avb, .aif, .btx, .dwf, .dwfx, .flc, .gih, .gz, .jpe, .jpf, .j2c, .mj2, .mpeg4, .mxf, .nsf, .pc1, .sketch, and .tiff file formats.
  • Yadle Plugin for SideFX Houdini is now available.


  • Normalized audio metadata field changed from ‘bits per sample’ to ‘bit depth’.
  • Not required to enter email address to receive scan notifications.
  • Yadle update scripts no longer have organization named prefixed.
  • Fixed ability to manually remove search filter badges.
  • Only released Insights will be listed as available in Insight Marketplace.
  • Resolved dangling search filter badges displaying on Insight pages.
  • Resetting search filter will clear “Source” filter if previously selected.
  • Refreshing Insight pages will now also update totals for files scanned and data in upper left menu.
  • File Channel Management page no longer hangs when modifying settings.
  • Dropbox cloud scans no longer fail with unreachable path after 4 hours.
  • Copying path for Dropbox files copies the correct path.
  • Browse links correctly generated for files scanned on both Dropbox Business and Personal accounts.
  • Scanning performance of cloud files improved by skipping link generation for files that already have a share link.
  • Scans can now be added for Dropbox personal accounts.
  • File Channel description is no longer lost if members are added to a group.
  • Setting the results per page on Insight pages will persist.
  • Welcome page updated with instructions and links to documents when there is no agent device detected.