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The Network Path Mapping feature of Yadle is essentially a path replacement to allow files to be opened directly within the Yadle Desktop application and the available Plug-ins.

The concept of Network Mapping is best described with an example:

After successfully installing Yadle on your Linux machine, let’s say you have mounted your network storage device containing your organization’s images with mount point /yadle/Server/images/. In this example we are assuming the Data Root has been set to /yadle, as only files under this location are accessible by the Yadle agent.

Logging in as the Yadle agent owner (typically the “yadle” account), you then add a new Scan Path of /yadle/Server/images/.

Now this path (/yadle/Server/images/) is what the Yadle agent sees, and will be different from the path that Windows, MacOS, and Linux users have the same volume mounted as.

The same directory could be mounted on the different operating systems as:

  • Windows: Z:\\Server\images
  • MacOS: /Volumes/Server/images
  • Linux: /Server/images

In order to make sure the correct path is used, Network Mapping needs to be configured accordingly.

Visual Representation