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Installing Plugin

Step 1: Download houdini.tar.gz using link provided to you by Yadle.

Step 2: Extract houdini.tar.gz using tar in Terminal.

$ tar -zxf houdini.tar.gz

Step 3: Move extracted yadle folder to any centralized location on your organizations network that users can access.

$ mv ./yadle <central_network_location>

Step 4: Copy yadle.pypanel from extracted yadle folder to $HOUDINI_PATH/python_panels.

$ cp ./yadle/Yadle_Houdini/yadle.pypanel $HOUDINI_PATH/python_panels
  • To check the value of the $HOUDINI_PATH environment variable, go to where SideFX Houdini was installed (typically /opt/hfs19.0) and run source houdini_setup_bash followed by hconfig.

User Setup

Step 1: Set the YADLE_INSTALL_DIR environment variable to the full path location of the yadle folder.

$ export YADLE_INSTALL_DIR=<central_network_location>/yadle
  • You can permanently set the YADLE_INSTALL_DIR environment variable by adding to your ~/.bashrc or ~/.profile.

Step 2: Open SideFX Houdini Launcher.

$ /opt/sidefx/launcher/bin/houdini_launcher

Step 3: Launch SideFX Houdini.

Step 4: Add Yadle Plugin. Click on the “+” on any of the panels, go to “New Pane Tab Type“, and then select “Yadle” from the dropdown menu.

Step 5: Login to Yadle. Enter your Yadle user Email and Password and click Login.