Installing Yadle: SaaS: Yadle microservices

The Yadle microservices are responsible for the generation of a variety of different thumbnail types and metadata collection.

This installation guide assumes Yadle agent and microservices containers will be running on the same Linux host machine or VM.

1. Successful deployment of Yadle agent.

Step 1:

Download Yadle microservices installation script.

$ curl -O

Once downloaded, set the executable bit.

$ chmod +x install_yadle_microservices

  • This is a bash script that will execute steps needed to download, deploy, and configure multiple Docker containers for the Yadle microservices.
  • Where you save the installation script doesn’t matter.
  • The installation script can be run multiple times without issue. Each time it is run, it examines and determines the state of the microservices containers, repairing or configuring any elements that are not correct.

Step 2:

Run the Yadle microservices installer. Since Docker is being used, the script must be run as sudo or root user.

$ sudo ./install_yadle_microservices

The Yadle microservices installation script will execute and you will be prompted for the following values:

Installation Type:
– agent

Organization name:
– The Organization name is provided to you by Yadle.

Yadle service account password:
– The service account password is provided to you by Yadle.

API Application ID:
– The API Application ID is provided to you by Yadle.

Install Directory:
– Recommend using the same install location for agent. /opt/<org> Replace <Org> with your provided organization name.

Data Root:
– Recommended: /yadle

  • The installer script will output many messages. Progress messages will be displayed as each container is downloaded, started and configured.
  • Any problems that occur will be displayed in red text and the script will stop.
  • Successful installation will output docker status and “Installation completed”.

Starting and Stopping Yadle microservices:

The installation script for the Yadle microservices will generate scripts to stop and start the Docker containers with proper parameters. The scripts are stop_yadle and start_yadle and live in the microservices install directory.
$ sudo /opt/<org>/microservices/agent/stop_yadle
$ sudo /opt/<org>/microservices/agent/start_yadle
  • If you reboot the host machine or VM that is running the Yadle microservices, the containers will NOT restart automatically by default.
  • start_yadleand stop_yadlescripts must be run as sudo or root user.

Updating Yadle microservices:

The installation script for the Yadle microservices will also generate a script to run for future updating of the microservices. It is named <org>_update_yadle_microservices and located in default installation directory /opt/<org>/microservices/agent.

$ sudo /opt/<org>/microservices/agent/<org>_update_yadle_microservices
  • The microservices update script must be run as sudo or root user.