Release Notes » Yadle 20.11 (Tesla) Release

Release Date: November 6th, 2020

Several “minor” releases have been pushed in between the major Albert and Tesla releases.

The Yadle Tesla release is focused on performance and security. The Yadle agent has been tuned to achieve maximum throughput during initial indexing as well as subsequent change detection scans. The ability to scale out Yadle with multiple agents has also been enabled. Throw as many resources as possible at Yadle for initial indexing and scale back once the bulk has been scanned. Security is always top of mind here at Yadle and have now made HTTPS the default communication protocol for Self-Hosted customer deployment. One of the most exciting announcements in the Tesla release is support for indexing Google Drive and Dropbox cloud services!

  • Google Drive Integration
  • Dropbox Integration
  • Now Supporting Windows 10
  • Simple Deployment with Automated Installer
  • Scale out with multi-agent deployments
  • Increase thumbnailing throughput with optional Pub/Sub mechanism
  • HTTPS implemented as default for self-hosted deployments
  • New Insights for File Activity and Storage Utilization.


  • Yadle now supports installation on Windows 10 via WSL2 and Docker Desktop for Windows.
  • Simplified installation process with the use of a config file containing necessary parameters.
  • Admin user can now re-invite users (resend invite email) to users who have not confirmed account.
  • Support for indexing Google Drive and Dropbox (Personal and Business) cloud services. This feature can be enabled/disabled at runtime via config.
  • Ability for users to directly access files in the cloud with the “Browse” action.
  • Indexing Activity Insight will show a red status “unreachable path”, if the configured indexing path cannot be accessed by the agent.
  • Support for using pub/sub for agent microservices to scale thumbnailing throughput.
  • All users will automatically follow organization type File Channels.
  • Added ability to Show/Hide all frames of image sequences in search results.
  • Enabled support for specifying VOLUMEID. Allows multiple agents to be deployed and appear as a single entity in the file catalog for processing by a single set of microservices.
  • HTTPS implemented as default protocol for secure communication with Yadle web app, API, and database for Self Hosted deployments.
  • Autocompletion when entering tags into the search bar.
  • UI changes to improve readability.

  • Yadle plug-in support for Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe InDesign.

  • Filetype thumbnail icons added for: .prbt .amr .xlm .psb .ies .sbsar .btx .json

  • Geolocation data now included in file metadata.
  • Metadata fields are colored by type and selectable for easy copying.

  • New search parameters to limit results to various MS Office apps: !msoffice, !excel (or !msexcel), !word (or !msword), !powerpoint (or !mspowerpoint)

  • File Activity History: Visually see the number of new files created or modified on each day of the current calendar year.
  • File Activity By Location: See the number of new files created or modified by geographic location of Yadle agent deployment.
  • File Activity TreeMap: Drill down into directories in a visual manner to get a sense of relative data sizes.
  • Storage Utilization: Track amount of data consumed by duplicate files and overall space available on storage volumes.


  • Improved search to fix search on terms with “-” or terms that are paths.
  • Fixed two minor agent bugs that may have allowed a deleted file to be undetected.
  • Server side microservice containers naming convention standardized to match agent side microservices.
  • Resolved issue of default small thumbnail not displaying if there is no multi-frame sequence thumbnail found.
  • Progress bar during downloading of images in install script shows correct % complete.
  • Open action in Desktop app now displays when Network file mapping settings are enabled and set.
  • Total count of search results reports correct number.
  • Resolved thumbnailing issue when running agent microservices in “all” mode.
  • Fixed File Channel initialization
  • Resolved “Error Getting Devices” due to old database views.
  • Resolved issue of unnecessary disk consumption due to Docker’s native logging.
  • Default install location changed to /opt/yadle and data root to /yadle. Customers can modify these prior to install.
  • Total Indexed File and Data counts update every 5 minutes.
  • Fixed new user email activation link that resulted in “Unauthorized” page.
  • Fixed incorrect MIME type tag for Maya .mb files.
  • In File Details, the medium sized thumbnails will display instead of small.
  • Admin menu options reordered to Users, Invite Users, Devices, Cloud Services.
  • Resolved “no python application found” error on AI server.
  • Fixed broken images in user emails for self-hosted deployments.
  • Added map function to periodic index loop. Previously only ran when a new File Channel was created.