Release Notes » Yadle 22.01 (Indigo) Release

Release Date: January 28th, 2022


  • Updated list of file formats to choose for images and sequences in search filters.
  • Performing searches while the File Channel is busy analyzing will automatically keep retrying after a few seconds.
  • File Channel name limit increased to 200 characters.
  • Normalized metadata for sequence head will use display window resolution for height and width.
  • Support for running geometry thumbnail microservices with parallel threads.
  • Support for running microservices in parallel on list mode.
  • Host system checks added to server preinstall to ensure correct system settings before proceeding with install.
  • Resolution [w x h] & frame count [x Frames] added to search results next to filename in Row view.
  • Added ‘#recycle’ to list of excluded directories for agent scanning.
  • Added autocomplete for path entry on agent install.
  • Nuke Plugin: Now supported on Nuke versions 11, 12, & 13.
  • Nuke Plugin: Show/hide toggles added for tags, deleted files, sequence frames, and thumbnails.
  • Nuke Plugin: Lightbox view with single and multi file drag & drop.
  • Nuke Plugin: Only the first 5 tags will display for files in Row view with a ‘…’ button to view all.


  • Insight view search term (eg. !view=yadle_system_activity) is now hidden and not displayed in search bar when viewing Insights.
  • Modified the search filter ‘Format’ dropdown menu to only have a single file format per line.
  • Filtering search based on number of duplicates uses correct search term.
  • Prevent setting the min value for search filters with ranges greater than the max value.
  • Scan Path field for configured device scans is no longer cut off.
  • Filtering search for bitmap images uses correct search term.
  • Filtering search by image orientation (eg. tall, wide, square, panoramic) returns correct image files.
  • Dropdown menu and Save button on Insight Marketplace page in correct alignment.
  • Image sequences are scrubbable in both search results and file information page.
  • Fixed sequence thumbnail filenames from being over the OS limit.
  • Resolved microservices failing on logout with 401 status code.
  • Renamed server side and agent side microservice project names to avoid orphan container conflicts when running both on same system.
  • Duplicates that exist outside the scope of a File Channel are excluded from the File Channel.
  • Files deleted or moved on filesystem are appropriately detected and marked as deleted in Yadle.
  • Nuke Plugin: File Sequence thumbnails are scrubbable in the plugin search results view.
  • Nuke Plugin: When resizing panel window to a smaller size, scrollbar will appear to navigate.
  • Nuke Plugin: Correct network mapped path is used when loading files into Nuke from Lightbox view.
  • Nuke Plugin: Loading geometry files from the plugin prompts user to choose which items to load from file.