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This first release of Yadle Shotgun integration comes with a few restrictions:

1. Operates only on watched Shotgun projects. These projects are configured in installation directory in file/opt/<org>/shotgun/config/projects.txt.

2. Operates only on locally linked files in Shotgun.

3. Operates only on Yadle-indexed files. For files that get indexed after the microservice starts, the microservice must be restarted in order to import any pre-existing Shotgun tags.

4. Does not support entity retirement.

  • If a tagged entity is retired, Yadle will not remove the tag from associated file.
  • If the user retires a Tag entity, Shotgun removes it from all previously tagged entities. However, Yadle will not remove the tag from associated files.

5. Does not support user events on Project entities (tagging or renaming projects)

  • If the user tags a Project entity, expectation may be to propagate the tag to files associated with the project’s entities. This is currently not supported.
  • If the user renames a Shotgun project, the original #project_name tag will remain.