Release Notes » Yadle 22.03 (Kelpie) Release

Release Date: March 31st, 2022


  • Audio search filters for number of channels, sample rate, bit depth, and duration.
  • Thumbnails & filetype icons can be made available by URL directly instead of through API.
  • Expanded details for Insights show last update date and version.
  • Filetype icons added for variety of V-Ray file formats (.vismat, .vrmesh, .vrmat, .vrlmap, .vrscene, .vrmap, .vrmat).
  • Filetype icons added for Unity Engine file formats (.asmdef, .unitypackage).
  • Filetype icons updated for .bmp, .dockerfile, .dockerignore, .flc, .gcode, .j2c, .jpc, .m4v, .mp3, .mp4, .nfs, .oga, .ogg, .opus, .pc1, .pict, .ptx, .ra, .rm, .tiff, .vmal, and .wma file formats.
  • Insight marketplace will update with all server updates.
  • Server installer will check for any port conflicts as part of preinstall check.
  • Standard agent, cloud agent, and qumulo agent can now all run on same system without port conflicts.
  • Admins can set notification emails to get alerts of completed scans that have discovered new files.
  • Ability to control number of File Channel updater processes with YADLE_FC_UPDATERS environment variable. Valid values of 1, 2, 4, 8, & 16.


  • Sorting by last login in User Summary Insight now works.
  • When manually adding a tag, the tag text box no longer remains next to tags.
  • All files will be processed by the filetype icon microservice regardless if it already has a thumbnail.
  • File information page loads correctly for files with missing filetype icon or thumbnails.
  • Searches using filters containing ranges work correctly. Min/max values for search filters are inclusive.
  • Filenames with unusual characters (eg. ‘$’) are handled and processed properly by microservices.
  • Search filter badges no longer display on Insight pages.
  • Sorting Insights by a column will save the sort on refresh.
  • Nuke Plugin: Sequences, videos, and 3d file thumbnails scrub correctly when resized in lightbox view.
  • Nuke Plugin: In row view, correct thumbnail is displayed for sequences, instead of entire filmstrip.
  • Nuke Plugin: Support for loading thumbnails from URL directly or via API.