Setting up Yadle: Indexing: Add an Indexing Path

It is possible to run one or multiple index processes. Running multiple indexes allows you to more quickly index your files (See Increase Indexing Speed). If an overlap in indexing occurs, the system will manage accordingly.

We often recommend running an indexer on the Data Root that can index all your files and creating indexers pointing to more specific mount points for folders or drives that you want to index more quickly. It will index all on a parallel basis and handle the overlaps

Step 1: Select Devices & Cloud from left main menu.

Step 2: Click on Manage on the far right for the device you wish to add Indexing Paths to.

Step 3: Once on the Devices & Cloud page, click on Settings tab.

Step 4: Enter a name you would like to give this New Indexing Name. Enter the directory path in the New Indexing Path field.

Step 5: Once the Name and Path have been entered, click Add Path.

Step 6: Select the box next to Enabled to turn on indexing for this Indexing Path.