Installing Yadle » Community Edition

The Yadle Community Edition (CE) is available to the public with no subscription or license necessary. The Community Edition is deployed as a collection of Docker containers and comes preloaded with metadata and thumbnails for over 180K files from partners including ActionVFX, FX Elements, SideFX, Pixar, and Animal Logic.

The following are limitations of the Community Edition:
  • 100,000 file scan limit.
  • Single-threaded agent scans and File Channel updater.
  • R3D video files will not generate scrubbable thumbnail.
  • 3D geometry files will not generate turntable thumbnail.
  • Only files in user’s $HOME/Desktop/Yadle will be scanned and processed.
  • Scanning of files directly from cloud service providers (Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, OneDrive) is disabled.
  • Sharing files via ‘Get’ or ‘Send Email’ is disabled.
  • Support available through the Yadle Community Forum.

System Requirements

Supported Operating Systems: Hardware Requirements (minimum):
  • 32GB RAM
  • 100GB (Yadle Community Edition will use ~40GB initially. Additional space is required for user scanned files and generated thumbnails.)

Network Requirements

Protocol Port Direction Description
TCP 80 Inbound Yadle web server
TCP 4444 Inbound Yadle API server
TCP 5999 Inbound Yadle database
  • If there is already a service running on port 80, the docker-compose.yml file can be modified to support a different port for the Yadle web server.