Installing Yadle » Community Edition

The Yadle Community Edition is available to the public with no subscription or license necessary. The Community Edition is deployed as a collection of Docker containers.

The following are limitations of the Community Edition:
  • 100,000 file scan limit.
  • Single-threaded agent scan process and File Channel updater.
  • No scrubbable thumbnails generated for R3D video files.
  • No turntable thumbnails generated for 3D geometry files.
  • Image files that are part of a sequence will not be automatically grouped into a sequence as a single result with scrubbable thumbnail.
  • No AI analysis and tagging of image file formats.
  • Cannot define additional scan paths. Only files in $HOME/Desktop/Yadle can be scanned.
  • Support available through the Yadle Community Forum.

System Requirements

Supported Operating Systems: Hardware Requirements (minimum):
  • 16GB RAM
  • 100GB (SSD recommended)

Network Requirements

Protocol Port Direction Description
TCP 80 Inbound Yadle web server
TCP 4444 Inbound Yadle API server
TCP 5999 Inbound Yadle database
  • If there is already a service running on port 80, the docker-compose.yml file can be modified to support a different port for the Yadle web server.