Release Notes » Yadle 22.10 (Méliès) Release

Release Date: October 14th, 2022


  • “Run Once” scan mode added. Useful for performing single scans of external/removable media.
  • Filetype icons added for .amr, .ffx, .jsx, .max, .maxc, .ora, and .xps file formats.

Improvements & Fixes

  • Duplicate file instances properly added to global file catalog when running more than 1 agent scan process.
  • File Channels with multiple paths update for all specified paths.
  • Yadle server and microservices pre-install checks for new docker compose plugin.
  • Microservices will only process changes for the specified device id.
  • Color settings applied from corresponding .RMD files when generating scrubbale thumbnails for .R3D files.
  • Filtering results by # of duplicates using UI filters no longer returns a search error.
  • Files correctly marked/unmarked as deleted.
  • Rules microservice for adding tags, comments, and/or URL links to files based on some critera of the directory now works.
  • User config documents now support special characters in username.
  • Thumbnails generated for video file formats changed to output in .png format to match static images and 3d files.
  • Metadata for images and videos stringified into a single field in elasticsearch index.