Release Notes » Yadle 23.02 (Tippett) Release

Release Date: February 8th, 2022


  • Customize search wildcard behavior. Yadle admins can configure user searches to automatically prepend/append wildcard (‘*’) to beginning/end of keyword search terms.
  • Thumbnail support added for .avif, .heic, .ptex, .webp, & .zfile file formats.
  • Houdini Plugin: Drag and drop files from grid view. Depending on drop point and filetype, various import actions and nodes will be created.
  • Houdini Plugin: Ability to invoke the File Information dialog from row view.

Improvements & Fixes

  • Fixed bug that prevented .doc and .txt files from getting scrubbable thumbnails.
  • File Channel creation throughput improved with larger paging.
  • ElasticSearch backend updated to version 8.
  • Number of results found in summary dialog matches with number of search results returned.
  • Nuke, Houdini, & Maya Plugins: File information dialog can now be resized vertically.