Installing Yadle » SaaS » Environment Setup » macOS

Follow the steps outlined here to ensure your macOS system is ready to go for Yadle.

1. Download Docker Desktop for macOS directly from Docker Hub using the following link:
2. Install Docker Desktop for macOS. Follow the steps from the official Docker docs to complete installation.
3. Configure Docker Resources to meet minimum requirements for a Yadle SaaS installation. Adjust the CPUs and Memory on the Advanced page. Refer to the following for details on how to adjust resources:
4. Configure Docker File Sharing to allow Yadle access to files for scanning. File Sharing is also underneath the “Resources” tab in Docker Preferences. By default the /Users, /Volumes, /private, /tmp and /var directories are shared with Docker. Add the /Applications directory which is where Yadle will be installed. In addition, add any other directories containing files desired to be scanned by Yadle. Type in the path of new directories to share and click on the “+” symbol. When finished, click on “Apply & Restart“.