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The following are requirements for configuring your Shotgun environment to allow Yadle to extract data.

  • a. Setup local linking for your Shotgun Site
  • b. Publish files
  • c. Generate Shotgun API credentials
  • d. Get Yadle credentials

a. Setup local linking for your Shotgun site

For files to be detected by the Yadle microservice, they need to be locally linked. Using this method, instead of uploading files to the server, Shotgun saves the path of each file in its database. This allows Yadle to identify files by their paths, and apply Shotgun tags to files in its index.

A Shotgun Admin user can configure your Shotgun site to use local linking by following these steps:

      1. In Shotgun, go to Settings->Admin->Site Preferences->File Management
      2. Add Local File Storage entries.
      • For each entry, use a path pointing to a directory containing your files. The name is not relevant.
      • Use only the “Linux Path” field for this.
      • Use multiple entries if needed. However, depending on your filesystem layout, you may use a sufficiently high parent path to your data in order to minimize the number of entries.
      3. Click “Save Changes” at bottom of the page.

(Complete instructions on how to setup local linking can be found at

b. Publish files

With local linking configured, import your project’s assets into Shotgun by publishing them using the Shotgun Desktop App. (See for instructions on how to install the Desktop App.)

  • In the Shotgun Desktop App, select your project.
  • 2. Click “Publish…”
  • 3. Navigate to your files residing in locally linked directories, and publish them.

If your local linking to was correctly set up, Shotgun will link files to local paths instead of uploading them. (Actually, for certain media types Shotgun will generate thumbnails and upload them.)

c. Generate Shotgun API credentials

The Yadle microservice connects to the Shotgun database using script-based authentication. A Shotgun Admin user can generate API credentials on the Settings->Admin->Scripts page. Microservice installation requires:

  • Script name
  • Application key

See for detailed instructions on setting up the API scripts.

d. Get Yadle credentials

From your Yadle contact, get the following info:

  • Your organization name
  • Your Yadle service account username and password
  • Your Yadle Shotgun Application ID