Installing Yadle » Community Edition » Linux

Refer to the following guide to install the Yadle Community Edition on Linux.

1. Install Docker Engine for Linux

Follow the official Docker documentation for downloading and installing Docker Engine for Linux.

2. Download Yadle Community Edition for Linux

Sign up at to obtain access to the Yadle Community Edition download links.

3. Untar contents of yadle_community.tar

$ tar xf yadle_community.tar

4. Start Yadle Community Edition

Run the start_yadle_community bash script in the extracted yadle_community directory. This will begin pulling images from Docker Hub.

$ cd yadle_community
$ ./start_yadle_community
  • When starting for the first time, it will take several minutes (depending on internet speed) to pull all of the images. You’ll see output in the Terminal window showing overall progress.

Once all images are pulled, Yadle will start and can be accessed via web browser at http://localhost. Login with the username ‘yadle‘ and password ‘password‘.

5. Stop Yadle Community Edition

Run the stop_yadle_community bash script. This will gracefully stop all running Yadle Docker containers.

$ ./stop_yadle_community