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After completing the necessary pre-requisites found in the Requirements section, follow these steps to install the Shotgun microservice for SaaS deployments.

Installing Yadle Shotgun Integration microservice

Step 1: Download the Yadle Shotgun Integration microservice installation script.

The installation script can be downloaded from or using curl in terminal.

$ curl -O

Once script has been downloaded, set the execute bit so the script can run.

$ chmod +x install_shotgun_microservice

Step 2: Run the Shotgun microservice installation script.

Since docker is being used, the script must be run as a sudoer or root user.

$ sudo ./install_shotgun_microservice

The Yadle Shotgun microservice installation script will execute and you will be prompted for the following values:

  • Organization Name: The Organization Name is provided to you by Yadle.

  • Yadle admin account username: service

  • Password for service account: The service account password is provided to you by Yadle.

  • Shotgun Application ID: The Shotgun Application ID is provided to you by Yadle.

  • Enter the http or https address of the Shotgun server: This is the full address of your Shotgun server (ex.

  • Enter the Shotgun script name: The script name from part c) of the Requirements.

  • Enter the Shotgun API key: The API key from part c) of the Requirements.

  • Install Directory: Recommend using the same install location as Yadle agent and microservices (ex. /opt/<org>).

Step 3: Configure watched projects.

After successful installation, configure the microservice to watch a select subset of your Shotgun projects. This is done by adding project names to the/opt/<org>/shotgun/config/projects.txt file which is created during installation.

Step 4: Start Shotgun Integration microservice.

Having installed the Shotgun microservice and specified watched projects, start the microservice from your target installation directory:

$ cd /opt/<org>/shotgun/
$ sudo ./start_yadle

You can monitor the microservice activity from the log file:

$ cd /opt/<org>/shotgun/logs
$ sudo tail -f shotgun_microservice.log

To stop the microservice, run:

$ cd /opt/<org>/shotgun/
$ sudo ./stop_yadle