Using Yadle » Getting Started » Join File Channels

Yadle users are only able to search files that are part of File Channels they are members of.

  • As of the Yadle Edison Release (March 22nd, 2021), all users will automatically follow any Organization type File Channels.

Step 1: Join Available File Channels. File Channels that are shared with your user account will show on the Available File Channels page. Click Join for all desired File Channels you wish to follow.

Step 2: View File Channels Following. You can view which File Channels you are following by selecting Following under the File Channels section of the left menu. If you no longer wish to follow a particular File Channel click Leave.

Step 3: See File Channels created/owned by you. If you have been assigned as a Delegate on a Yadle agent device you have the ability to create File Channels. Click Mine under the File Channels section of left menu to view all File Channels owned by you.