Getting Started

Searching with Yadle: File Comments

Adding and Deleting

How To Add File Comments

Suppose you want to add a general description about a certain file, or add specific notes to file. This is possible with File Comments. Comments are displayed in search results by default and report the particular user who added the comment and the date and time that it was added.

  • 1 For the file you wish to add a comment to, click on the button.

  • 2 A text interface will appear and you can add whatever notes and styling you like.

  • 3 Once completed, click Save near upper left of text interface to publish comment. To exit without saving click Cancel

How To Delete File Comments

Once you have added a file comment you will see it appear in a text box at the bottom of the file’s search results.

If you no longer need the note, look to the top-right of this text bubble to find a small By clicking on this you can delete the file comment.